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Any Doula suggestions in Richmond?

I'm seriously interested in finding a doula, but am pretty new to the area.  Since I'm so new to the area, I don't have any friends/family with previous experience being pregnant in Richmond. 

I'm due in late April and would like to make connections soon.  

Any help out there?



Re: Any Doula suggestions in Richmond?

  • Hey!  I was looking into fullcirclechildbirths but I haven't seen a review on them yet. Do you pay for a doula separately?  Question-Who is your OB, do you like them?  Good luck!
  • I'm meeting with Ashley Larsen with Support the Mama next week.  The website does give pretty good info. Since it is a separate service (from the hospital/obgyn) it would be a separate cost.  For me it is worth it.  

    I'm seeing Zechman at Henrico.  How about you?  I'll check out fullcirclechildbirths.


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