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Where can you buy ginger candies / drops?

I find I'm drinking gingerale alllllll day long.  These may be a nice alternative, but I don't see them anywhere!


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Re: Where can you buy ginger candies / drops?

  • I got mine at a Whole Foods.. not sure what you have in your area but check your natural/health food stores.
  • Trader Joe's has them - I think they were more in the candy section than in a medicine section. Also, have you tried the ginger capsules? I haven't used them during pregnancy but I did use them on a boat trip once (terrible motion sickness) and they really did help! 


    ps. - most ginger ale doesn't have real ginger :) 


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  • I ordered mine on babyhopes.com, also, I heard what Wal Mart has B-natal that work well, but you have to call the pharmacy and tell them you want them and they will get them for you, without a prescription.
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  • I second the Trader Joe's variety, but Motherhood Maternity sells the preggie pop drops, which I swear by, too!
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  • I got mine at hy-vee. I don't know if you have one nearby. But check your grocery store's natural food section's candy.


  • Thanks, we have Trader Joe's, so I'll try there. 
    The ginger ale I get has real ginger, I always make sure of that!
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  • I found a box of ginger candies on a whim in the food/condiment section at Homegoods called "Gin Gins"  made by The Ginger People.  They are 16% real ginger, and I'm officially obsessed.  I ordered 5lbs on http://www.abesmarket.com/ .  If you use the coupon code "BuyThanks" you can get $10 off an order of $30 or more and shipping is free.
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