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Mind your own business!

Ok, sure I love advice, when I ask for it.  But I am sick of everyone telling my husband what he will need or not need when we have our baby.  He then runs to me to tell me what advice he got.  Its great he is excited but...

I want a highchair.  I don't care if you got some thing that straps to your table because it was $20 dollars and highchairs are a waste.  I want one.

I will use the diapers that work for my baby.  Huggies are not the only ones in existence.  

I will be hopefully exclusively breast feeding.  Yes. I will be getting a pump family. No I don't think it is a waste of money. I have looked into it.  I also don't think when I go back to school full-time in the fall and leave baby with the IL that a manual pump will cut it.  

Also.  My great aunt asked our name for LO and I told her Kiernan.  It is my grandmother's middle name (which she should know..it is her sister in law) I have always loved it, I know its not 'normal' or what ever. I know it is used also as a last name, but me and my husband want that to be our little girls name.  Do not roll your eyes. Do not tell me that is not a name, and do not tell me she wouldn't name a baby that. I dont care. Lie. Tell me it is nice and smile.  



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Re: Mind your own business!

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    I hate when you get the eye rolls about the name. Ours is Willow Raine which is my husbands grandmothers name and my late grandmother and late aunts name (Lorraine, we cut it down to Raine) and my ADULT cousin actually made a gagging noise when I told her the name then told me people will call her Willie!


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    Yes, people give all kinds of annoying advice. I like to look back now and think to myself, "my life would have been hell if I would have taken your advice!"
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    I told my MIL our girl name waaaay back when I was pg with DS2. She said, "Oh that's a mouthful." So she just asked me what names were. I told her that I have a name, but reminded her of her comment when I told her 4 years ago. So she'll wait until the baby is HERE, and when she sees the baby i'll say, "Here's (babyname)" why not tell her your little comment about her name being a mouthful now?
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    I hate that. I had people talk me down because I didn't want the USED maternity clothes someone offered me. I want to buy my own and I will. I don't care if I will save money I am not worried about that. I am also buying all my things, not having a shower, I don't want one. I don't care if I get free things. And finally the name.. I don't care if you hope my kid looks more white than mexican ( baby will be half white half hispanic) because his name is "white". Some people just need to shut the hell up.
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    We had names picked out way before we got pregnant. So when we found out we was having a boy we already knew the name of him. Well if I say my son's name in front of my little stepsister she starts laughing and then whispering to the person next to her and giggling. Then my step mom pulls me aside one day and says I know you all have a name picked out and I know that your dad won't say anything but I think you should think about using your dad's middle name too..I sat there for minute when I got home I told my husband and I was like why does it matter my brother has my dad's middle name. Then my husband's grandmother tried to convince to incorporate my name by calling him Jess Tyler Duke and we were like no we don't want the child to have 3 names thats to much its Tyler Duke and thats the way its gonna stay his middle name is my husband's late grandfather and his first is my husband's middle name.
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