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Repost from natural birth- our story

Here is my early Christmas baby birth center birth story: 


Late Thursday night is when I started feeling some slightly painful contractions, but they weren't really timable. This lasted all night and all day on Friday (although by afternoon they were quite uncomfortable and I knew they were the real thing.) at about 3 on Friday I called my MW, as they were about 3 minutes apart consistently, and 45 seconds long. We headed in for an ultrasound and an NST, and everything looked great, but she didn't think it was anything more than false labor. I almost cried when she sent us home, even though I knew we'd be back soon.

By the time we got back to our house and I got in the tub, the contractions were really intense. They kept getting stronger, but not closer together, all night. I think I almost slept once, between my three showers (the only thing that made it a little easier) but woke up throwing up (not pleasant at all) At about 6:50am I told FI that he needed to call again, because I had to be getting closer. About 30 seconds after he paged my MW, my water broke all over him and our bed, She didn't believe him very readily when he told her, but there was no mistaking it, so we met her at the birth center at about 8 on Saturday morning. As soon as we got there she checked me, and I was at about a 4.5 (1 the night before). We were told that we probably had a while, but we were staying.

About a half hour later I told FI it was okay to call family, because I didn't want anyone else in the room, but outside was okay. At that point I was checked again and was already at 8-9 cm. Another few minutes passed while the tub was filling and I started to feel like I really had to push. I wasn't quite at 10 cm, but I couldn't stop it, either. We moved to the tub (sooo nice) and I pushed maybe thru 5 or so contractions there, but the baby's heart rate was dropping each time so things got a little rushed. They put me on oxygen, and when that didn't help, got me out of the tub and onto the birthing stool. It took about two pushes there and he was out. He had two whole loops of cord around his neck and wasn't regaining color very fast, so they took him and his dad in an ambulance to the hospital. At that time I delivered the placenta and had to have a shot of pitocin to stop my bleeding.

About 30 minutes after he was born, my dad drove me to the hospital to be with him. ( I never expected to walk around so much 15 minutes after giving birth, thats for sure!) 

Everything turned out just fine, and we were at home a few hours later. After 24+ hours of labor and only about 20 minutes of pushing, Quinn James was born at 10:35am on December 10th. He was 6lbs and 3 ounces, and 20 inches long!  

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