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Officially off work

Hi Ladies, I just got back from the OB. I am officially off work. I have been cramping off and on for two weeks, its definetly better with rest but not gone. As I've said before I'm a nurse and to be safe he has be off on modified bedrest for now (unless I start to show cervical changes then its full bedrest). He also started me on Prometrium (Progesterone) to try and stop the cramping.

Most of my day is to be spent sitting or laying, off my feet. I can do simple meal prep, etc. I will have DS home with me (we can't afford me off and daycare) but he's been SO good, I am so blessed with him, bringing me his diapers for changes, just snuggle, reading stories, etc, and lots of independents play. I'm not sure yet how this will affect school, I'm only supposed to go one morning a week and its a sit down lecture so I'm hopeful I can finish next semester.

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