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What age is too young for theater?

As in broadway theater, not movie theater....  For something like The Little Mermaid or Mary Poppins.  What age is too young?  Would a matinee around age 3 y be okay?  I've been to plays before, but evening... need to be seated 1/2 hr prior, doors locked.. type thing.  Is it the same for these?  What if you have to take dc out so you don't disrupt others?  Am I overthinking this??? 


Tell me, what's general rule of thumb.  What age is okay?  (I should add my dd has never been to a movie or any kind of kid show or play... so I have no idea how she'd do).

Re: What age is too young for theater?

  • I think most theaters recommend children be four, although if the 3 year old sits well for a period you'd be ok. ?You might want to try the the Big Red Seat shows at NYU's skirball center first, which is aimed for younger children and see how she'd do. ?I'm pretty sure the expectation for the Broadway shows is that they'd be able to sit through until intermission.
  • thanks so much! 
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