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Kinda TR: Should I wait to move?

I know the obvious answer is yes.
A friend and I are planning to get an apartment. We could afford it now, barely, but then coming up with another month's rent right away would be hard. If we wait a month, then we could afford it with a little more ease, but we would lose this apartment.


Re: Kinda TR: Should I wait to move?

  • I just moved in August so this is all fresh in my mind--remember there are other costs too. Truck rentals, packaging materials, the time spent packing, cleaning organizing, etc.

    Then there's deposits to get things turned on (depending the place I guess this may not be an issue), and you usually have to give notice at your current place.

     Also, for us a big expense at first was food--we didn't really have use of our new kitchen yet because we had to get appliances (we didn't know and it was another expense we had to account for), so we ate a lot of fast food those first few days--especially while in the midst of the move.

    Of course we moved a 2100 square foot house and had to feed our friends who helped us move, etc. 

    I like being prepared for a move though. I start packing way in advance because I am paranoid about a last minute scramble where something gets lost or broken. This way I can take my time, know where everything is going, but also know what costs I'll need to prepare for.

    How hot is the rental market in your area?

    If it's a big complex is there a chance you could get the "same" apartment in another spot?

    I live in AZ and it's all cookie cutter complexes out here--I don't know about "city life" where an apartment can spring up anywhere though. :) 


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  • Wait!!! You have to be tough w rentals...another one will come along!
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