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Looks like we're done weaning . . at 18+ mos

Cedric started weaning himself from nursing a few months ago, a feeding here and a feeding there.  But at the beginning of the summer, he was still nursing at least 3 times a day.  Then the morning feeding went.  Then the naptime feeding went.  And he was down to one feeding, the nighttime feeding just before bed.

 Well, in the last week, he seems to have dropped that, too.  He has, in the past, gone one day on one day off with nursing at night, so the first night or two that he didn't nurse lately, I didn't think it was the end.  But it's been at least 3 nights straight that he has either not asked for it or has actually refused it if offered.  So I guess he's done!  

It was pretty painless to do it this way.  Thought it might be useful info to anyone who worries that if they go past a year with breasfeeding that they'll have a kid attached to them forever.


Re: Looks like we're done weaning . . at 18+ mos

  • congrats!

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  • Congrats to you for being able to BF for that long! =) Sounds like Cedric is growing up.

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  • Thanks, ladies, but it looks like I'm not quite done yet . . . 

    Cedric was inconsolable tonight. Cried before his bath. Cried during his bath. Cried after his bath. Cried getting on his pajamas. Cried through half of his first goodnight book. After his books, he decided that tonight he wanted to nurse. So he nursed.

    So I guess we're not done weaning quite yet. But I have a feeling this is still the end of the road, just a last pitstop or two.


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