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Is anyone using the Boppy Noggin nest?

My pediatrician mentioned the flat spot on my baby's head at his 2 month appt. yesterday. My son favors that side of his head while sleeping on when he is on his back in general. We are trying to keep him on his tummy more often, but I heard that the Boppy Noggin Nest can help while he is on his back. Has anyone used this? I am so terrified that he will have to wear a helmet if this does not improve.



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Re: Is anyone using the Boppy Noggin nest?

  • I just replied in the flat head post - yes, I use one and I think I'm seeing improvement. Really like it.
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  • We use this in his car seat, since the headrest that came with it sucked, and his poor little head would go like 90 degrees to the side.  Our pedi just had us prop him up a little with a rolled up receiving blanket so he would lay toward the other side to even his head out a little.
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