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Thomas Jefferson Hospital?

Can anyone recommend a doctor from there.

Did you deliver there?

Did you have a natural birth?

Would you use them again?




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Re: Thomas Jefferson Hospital?

  • I delivered both kids at Jefferson and had a great experience both times.  I love love love the practice, Women's Medical Specialties at 9th & Chestnut.  Dr. Abigail Wolf ended up delivering both my kids, and she is considered the best doc in the practice, but honestly I would have been happy with any of them, I really liked all the docs. 

    IMO it is the nurses that really determine your L&D experience and both times they were all great.  Unless there are problems the doc is only there when you are about to deliver

    I did not deliver naturally (I had an epidural both times, at my request) but they were very supportive of my strong desire to not have a c-section.  I had an unplanned induction with DS that resulted in a very long labor, and no one mentioned c-section, which I was thrilled about.  I was a week late with DD and they offered me an induction, but didn't push it when I said I wanted to go into labor on my own

    It is a teaching hospital so the parade of residents can get annoying.  The lactation consultants were SO helpful.  I never took a BFing class or anything but was able to BF both kids successfully

    We strongly considered staying with Jeff for the next time.  But we moved about 5 minutes from Lankenau, which is a great hospital.  So it seemed crazy to not go there.

    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • Jeff doesn't do that many births per year as some other hospitals. Does that mean they are any worse or better - not really. But the name of the game is research. I used to work at Jeff (non-clinical setting so sorry I can't speak to the maternity area) but they have a great website. Go to to see the dr's and you can probbly research their expertise, etc.

     Good luck.

  • Hi there and congrats!  I had originally planned on staying AWAY from CC just because I am burbs girl.  BUT at week 21 I developed Severe Pre-Eclampsia and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.  I was high risk, on bed rest, 24 hr urine and blood work almost every week.  Luckily I was at Riddle for all this but at 27w4d I was transferred to Jefferson where I delivered our daughter by emergency C-Section at 27w6d.  Dr. Vincenzo Berghella who is a High Risk OBGYN.  He saved my life and my daughters as well.  He is very thorough, good bedside manner and very knowledgeable and fluent on what he wants to do.  Since I am at high risk for our next pregnancy I plan on going right to Dr. Berghella as soon as I find out that I am pregnant. 

    Also, Dr. Baxter, Dr. Maria Mella and Dr. Carlson saw me as well for the 2 days before I had the C-Section and they were truly so sincere and very helpful thru one of the most difficult times on my life.  

    As far as the number of deliveries they do at Jefferson...I am not sure of that but I know that out of every hospital HUP, Pennsylvania,  Presbyterian, Lankenau and Crozer...Jefferson was the only one that had the NICU level I would need and they had a bed for me as well.  When I was transferred to Jefferson you go on LDR which is on the 7th floor and almost every room was full of preggo mommies!  I can't stress enough on how good of care you will get at Jefferson!  They are amazing!  Also, if you deliver at Jefferson you have a recovery floor where it's nice and quiet and that's on 12th Thompson.  The nurses there are so kind and gentle and let you have your privacy if you want it. 

    Also, the Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) at Jefferson is AMAZING!  They saved our daughters life, took very good care of her, made you feel like you were part of the process in taking care of her and the doctors and nurses are very knowledgeable.  

    I hope this helps you out a little bit.  Good luck with your pregnancy :-)



    Olivia Madison born July 27th, 2011 at 27w6d at 10:44pm 1lb 11oz 13 1/2 inches delivered c-section due to Severe Preeclampsia and PIH
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