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Is your period exceptionally painful / heavy after a clomid cycle?

Re: Is your period exceptionally painful / heavy after a clomid cycle?

  • After the 1st round it was normal- some cramping. My second round I had extremely bad pain and that cylce I found out I had 3 cysts- interestingly enough the flow on the cycle was barely anything, just spotting.
  • I notice that it's a lot heavier on days 1 and 2....but the upside is after that it's very light and a little shorter for me.
  • Mine was totally normal after my clomid cycles.
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  • Mine were always heavy flow and cramps.  Sucked really, they weren't that bad normally.
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  • It's a lot heavier
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    1 IUI Sept 2011 BFP M/c 7 weeks
    Provera Dec 2011 BFP M/C 3 Weeks
    DQ ALPHA HLA MATCH, High NK Cells Diagnosed Dec 2011
    IVF March 2012 BFP m/c 4weeks 5 days (IL, Prednisone)
    IVF#2w/DS July 2012 MEGA FAILURE BFN (IL, Dexamethasone)
    Diagnosed No real HLA Match, DQ Beta Triad, High TNF, Low NK Cells
    Oct 2012 Natural Cycle m/c 4wks (Lovenox, Prednisone) 
    Went to Beer Center- high tnf, low lad, implantation failure
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    Dec 12 Humira
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    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


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  • Yes and YES! Oh my gosh, I had the WORST pain after my clomid cycles. Seriously doubled over crying until the 800 mg of ibuprofin kicked in. It was awful for about a day and a half both times.
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    DH put on anastrozole to increase counts
    June/July 2011 100 mg Clomid + TS IUI#1 & IUI 2 - BFN :-(
    Forced break due to DH getting spinal surgery in August 2011
    IVF - January 2012: BFN
    FET in April 2012 - BFP at 6dp5dt! Beta #1 at 9dp5dt: 82.5, Beta #2 at 12dp5dt: 352 Beta #3 at 19dp5dt: 6000, saw heartbeat and one little bean at 5W6D!
    After nearly 3 years of waiting our LO was born December 18th 2012!
  • Mine was extremely heavy and painful. I could hardly stand straight, the pain was so bad. My periods normally are heavy and sometimes painful, but after the clomid it was taken to the extreme! 

    Hopefully you won't have the same experience.  


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  • Mine was a little heavier (previously they'd been light to begin with though) but other than that I was ok!

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  • My post clomid cycle periods were hell.  The cramping, bloating, and bleeding were all magnified.  It was one of the reasons we didn't use all 6 of our clomid cycles.

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  • Before medicated cycles, I generally had a 10 day luteal phase. Since I'm on prometrium, it lengthens the LP, but I think my body knows that it should be having a period because a few days before my beta, the cramps start and they don't stop until a couple of days after I get my period.  I'm in so much pain I can't stand up straight and I don't technically know if I'm pregnant or not, so can't take my normal cramp stoppers.  The flow seems to be about the same though.
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  • I did not have painful or heavy periods, but they came later and lasted a little longer. Good luck!
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    Nov - 50mg clomid, 4 follies, wrong side - BFN
    Dec - 100mg Clomid - IUI#1 - BFN
    Jan '12 Break Cycle and RE Consult
    19Jan2012 - CD#1
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  • Seriously bad cramps and really heavy for a day, then light and shorter than normal.  I started Clomid the cycle following my lap to remove endo though, so I don't know if removing endo affected my cycles or not.
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    HSG 6/11: All Clear
    7/26/2011 IUI #1 (unmedicated): BFN
    Lap 8/26/11: dx Severe Endometriosis
    9/14/11: 50 mg Clomid + IUI#2 = BFN
    10/13/2011: 50 mg Clomid + TI (missed our IUI due to a family emergency) = BFN
    11/11/11: 50 mg Clomid + IUI = BFN
    1/11/12: Gonal-F + Ovidrel + B2B IUI'S = BFFN
    IVF w/ICSI in March 2012: ER 3/21: 11R, 9M, 6F, ET 3/24: Transferred 3 (!) Day 3 embryos, Grades 2 and 2.5, Beta 4/4 = BFN
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