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Anyone have their baby at St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital?

Re: Anyone have their baby at St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital?

  • I had DD at SLR in Feb. I can't find the original post I wrote with tips, but I'll summarize it for you.

    Great nurses, great hospital. Had all my prenatal testing, etc. done there also and everyone was wonderful. No complaints.

    Here's what's not great:

    Semi-private rooms. I guess it depends on who your roommate is, but I got stuck with very loud woman with a ton of very loud family for 2 days. Private rooms are available, but cost $750 per night, so wasn't an option for me. If it's not an option for you either, BRING CLOROX WIPES with you! Shared room = shared bathroom. Can get yucky. There is a lounge on the floor - use it. It was empty 99% of the time. Had meals with DD and DH there instead of staying in my loud room.

    Feel free to page me with any specific questions.

  • I'm having my baby there as well, I just went in for the sequential screening and everyone was very nice - thanks for the info!!!
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  • Thanks for the great advice - yes, 750 a day seems a bit steep. Thanks again!
  • My doctor delivers there as well, would anyone recommend another hospital on the UWS? ?The shared rooms seems like a bit more then I can handle.
  • I think that all of the NYC hospitals have shared rooms - it varies on how much they charge for private rooms. I think Weill Cornell is $450/day.


  • had my son there in February...Great weekend nursing staff...
  • Both of my nephews were born there and I am due to deliver there as well. They have a great staff (was there the other day for my genetic testing), very friendly, take good care of you and the hospital is clean. I'm really happy that's where I'll be.
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