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Baby Ben's Successful Induction Story (PIP) Long!

Short Story:

Our sweet little 5 lb 15 oz 19" long bundle of joy arrived on December 5th at 5:16 pm. We are both doing great!  I was so shocked at how small he is for being full term! Thankfully he is healthy and is breastfeeding like a champ! 

Long Story: 

Labor and delivery went well.  Our induction was started at 6:00 am on Monday morning.  It was really slow going.  By 3:00 PM I was only at a 1+ and my water had broken.  They were starting to talk to me about a c-section. I was pretty emotional about it. Feeling stressed and discouraged that things weren't going how I wanted.  Around 4:30 I started getting crazy contractions that lasted a full minute with only a second or so in between.  I had an epidural, so it was strange that they were so strong. It was the worst pain of my life.

My nurse checked me and I was at a 10! I progressed from a 1 to a 10 in 1.5 hours!  The nurse was shocked and even had someone else come check me just to be sure.  I hurried and called my mom and sister.  My moms phone rang as she walked into the delivery room! They had come to say hi and lift my spirits.   I was so glad they came on time. My doctor arrived at 5:00 pm.  I pushed for about 10 minutes and baby Ben arrived at 5:16 weighing in at 5 lbs 15 oz.  We were all so surprised at how small he was.  My doctor said the placenta was small and not to be concerned.  It was nothing I did, some babies are just small. 

The nurse handed him to be for skin to skin right after delivery and left him with me for a good 30 minutes.  Afterwards he was bathed in our room.  He had a little trouble keeping his temperature up and spent some time in the warmer.  

Every nurse I met commented on how crazy it was that I went from a 1 to a 10 so quickly.  I've heard that epidurals slow progress but it worked the opposite for me.  I think once I was able to relax things really started going.

Ben is breastfeeding really well.  There were a few frustrating moments where I wondered if I couldn't do it.  I'm glad we both pulled through!  My milk came in yesterday and it's made feedings a lot better.  He's put on a few of the ounces he lost after delivery which makes me really happy.

He is a sweet baby and has a pleasant disposition.  He has changed our lives instantly.  It's such a surreal, indescribable experience.  I couldn't be happier! 

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