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Book "Someone Came Before You"

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I had a miscarriage at 4mos a year and a half before my son was born and I would like to be able to tell him about his twin angels in heaven.  I found this book online but I am not sure if it would apply to miscarriages?  Has anyone read this book?  TIA

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Re: Book "Someone Came Before You"

  • *totally lurking from PGAL*

    I just wanted to say I have never heard of this book before so I googled it and looked into it, it looks like it would be great for any child born after a loss at any stage, early pregnancy, late loss, still birth, infant or child loss. 

    I wanted to say thanks for posting this, I have been dreading on approaching the subject of the MC and of Kamryn (DD that passed) with Gabriel and that is years away!! But her pics are all over the house and I really don't want to put them up..  So thank you for posting about this I am going to order it too.

    Ok butting out now and back into the PGAL world for about 7 more weeks!! 

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  • My mom bought it for Lucas. It could apply to a miscarriage but it's about a late loss
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