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Favorite Pregnancy "Referance" Books???

A couple of moths before we started TTC (over 3 years ago) I bought a book called "Before Your Pregnancy: A 90 Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception".  Not that it did any good!  LOL!  I also bought " The mother of all pregnancy books".  It had a few chapers on "before conception", etc. 

Anywho . . . now that I'm actually pregnant I need to read up on everything!!!  I'll obviously re-read "The mother of all pregnancy books".  I'll just have to dust it off first!  But I was considering a few other good referance books.  I'm looking at the "What to expect when your expecting", which I think everyone reads, however I've read some bad reviews on it on Amazon.  I'm also looking at the "Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy", which has amazing reviews on Amazon. 

Just curious if anyone has any favorites?

Also curious if anyone has a favorite pregnancy journal or organizer?

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Re: Favorite Pregnancy "Referance" Books???

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    Love the Mayo Clinic book....hate WTE. Lol!  Another book we are really enjoying is Pregnancy Day by has a page per each day of pregnancy with photos, info, etc. we look at it first thing each morning. 
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    I like Your Pregnancy Week By Week.  Also Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy is a great one to make you laugh about all of the crazy things that happen during your pregnancy!
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    The Mayo Clinic book is good -- simple, to the point, no frills.  I do not like What to Expect at all.  We also got a book called The Birth Partner -- I got it for DH to read because I'm planning to do a natural med-free birth, but it turns out I found it really helpful/informative too.  Even if I wasn't going to do a natural birth, it would be helpful in understanding the different stages of labor and different techniques for relieving pain.

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    i didnt mind WTE....i hated the tone of it though.  it really bugged me. 

    i also did Your Preg, Week by Week.  that one was a little more to the point.  i liked that one. 

    i also bought Girfriend's guide to Pregnancy which i thought was dumb and a waste of $$. 

    those were with my first pregnancy.  for this pregnancy,a couple days ago, i bought the Luke's book about twins/triplets/quads and dont think the majority of it was helpful at all for someone in my situation (pg with twins + toddler at home).  im not in line with the weight guidelines for several reasons and there was one tiny paragraph practically about suggestions on how to care for your existing children, (which made the exisiting child sound more like a dog).  however, i thought that the NICU/birthing sections was very helpful. 

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    I bought Great Expectations - Guide to pregnancy & childbirth over WTE. I also rented the Mayo Clinic Pregnancy book from the library.
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