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Donating milk -- disclaimer or form???

So I have some milk in my stash that has dairy in it and DD can't have dairy now.  (It was pumped before we figured that out.)  Rather than keep it and try to feed it to her in 6 months, I think I want to donate it because my stash is big enough that rotating it is hard.  (I like giving her fresh milk most of the time.) 

At any rate, I found the FB site for the Human Milk for Human Babies organization and there is a girl in my area that wants it.  She just wants me to give her proof of my prenatal blood work showing I don't have Hep or HIV or anything, which I am fine with.  Then I got to thinking... do I need to write up some kind of waiver or disclaimer to protect ME in the event she claims that my milk makes her baby sick?  It has been in deep freeze and to my knowledge stored by the proper procedure, but I just got paranoid.

Have you donated milk?  Did you ask for a form or something waiving any liability on your part?  Is there a form somewhere that someone can share with me?

TIA!  (And yes, I know how paranoid I sound... I work in a field where everyone sues everyone and it's rubbed off!)  :)

Re: Donating milk -- disclaimer or form???

  • I donated milk. There was no paper trail at all. She just took my word that it was milk I intended to feed my own son, and that was good enough for her.
  •   I just hand my milk off, I also had my blood work available but no one even asked to see it. I can't imagine someone claiming your milk made there baby sick, since they did not have to feed there baby your milk. 
  • I didn't have a waiver, and the person I donate to took my word that I and my baby are healthy.  She lives in the same town, and I donate what I pump at work since my baby has never taken a bottle.  I just drop it off every 2 weeks.  
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  • You could alway donate to a HUMANA milk bank. The babys that recieve that milk get it based on a Dr. Order. Usually NICU babies, I think that would be the way to go. No liablilty and you could be saving a baby's life :)
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    You could alway donate to a HUMANA milk bank. The babys that recieve that milk get it based on a Dr. Order. Usually NICU babies, I think that would be the way to go. No liablilty and you could be saving a baby's life :)

    I can't donate to a bank because Canada only has one and it's very far from me.

    Some other moms simply don't have enough milk to donate (you need a certain amount of oz) or don't want to go through all the tests and paperwork.

    Donating to a bank is the liability-free way to go, though.

  • I have actually donated to both Mother's Milk Bank and Human Milk for Human Babies.  

    MMB had me do the required bloodwork and then I could send in milk.  This milk will be pasteurized and then used in NICUs.  

    HMHB I donated to a woman who just picked it up with no questions to use for her son.   Both went great and I will probably do both again! 

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  • Personally I would want the recipient to sign something, but I'm a little on the neurotic side.  I would sign something saying to my knowledge I am healthy & was drug & alcohol free (or on xx medication) when I expressed the milk for the recipient to take, and I'd want her to sign something saying that they wont' hold me responsible.  People get crazy with law suits and I wouldn't want to be exposed.  But, at the same time, most people that share breastmilk are just happy to have it, and if they were the law suit type would maybe just go for formula?
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  • Hi there, I wouldn't worry much about that issue, I think that any mother would be excited to have donated breast milk.  I don't think there would be an issue with it making their child sick.  My only advice with the breast milk banks to people is to make sure you look into whatthe person receiving the milk has to do to get it.  After some research I found that the milk banks often charge a fee per once.  like one chrages 3.50 an once.  That is 14 bucks for one 4 oz bottle.  If the person doesn't have insurance how can they afford it for the baby that is in the NICU? They can't.  Sometimes it is better to find a mother locally through facebook/milk sharing sites and be able to donate directly to avoidt he recipient having to pay those fees!  Good Luck!

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