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Only able to feel baby in one spot?

I've been able to feel baby for about 3 weeks now, but here's the weird thing:

Only when I'm sitting down

Only at the bottom of my bump

 If I stand up, lay down, etc.. I don't feel anything. Soon as I sit down (especially if I slouch forward a little) I get all kinds of kicks and nudges. They've been getting stronger, but they are always in the same exact spot--right where the bump starts to bump out.

 Anyone else like this? It seems so odd to me that I can only feel movement like this!

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Re: Only able to feel baby in one spot?

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    I only feel baby when I'm sitting at work. I think its so odd too. I lay down and try to stay still and nothing, but at work sitting at a computer desk I feel LO.
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    I rarely feel baby when i'm moving around. Not yet anyway. I do feel her when i'm standing still. Your baby is obviously riding really low, so when you sit it probably put a little pressure on your ute and wakes the baby up. Curious is it a boy or girl? My boys were both very low. This girl's kicks are already up over my belly button already. I don't feel alot because of my anterior placenta, but when I to feel them it's off to the sides. I'm just starting to feel tiny taps in the center. Nothing big yet though.
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    I have the same issue.  The baby is really low and I have an anterior placenta, so I only feel the baby right at the bottom of my bump and mostly when I'm sitting down.  AND it's a boy.  :)
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    I feel baby when sitting (esp leaning forward) and laying down, but only on my left and top of my ute.  I thought that was weird, but I assumed it had to do with the position baby liked.  I too have an ant. placenta (at least, I did at week 13). I get my A/S tomorrow so we'll see if it's moved at all!
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    Yep, same for me. I only feel baby when I'm propped up on the couch with pillows. It's always and inch below by bellybutton and on the left side. Bee's been hanging out on the left side for about a month now--that's where he was when we found his heartbeat at my last appointment.
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