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Friend moving to Eugene - Any Advice for her?

She's relocating across the country.  Any tips as to good / family friendly areas to check out?  She will likely be a SAHM, and her oldest will start kindergarten in 2013.  She'd probably also be interested in an area with a good Catholic school / preschool and community.

 Thanks for any tips! 

Re: Friend moving to Eugene - Any Advice for her?

  • Eugene is very family friendly. Sometimes in the rainy season you have to look a little harder, but in the warmer season there are endless outdoor things to do. There is a private Catholic school that is pre school through 8th grade called O'Hara. My cousins go there and they have really liked it. There is a place called The Science Factory Childrens Museum here is Eugene. They have different exhibits and activities that are neat to check out. A gymnastic place called BOUNCE has classes as well as open gym for kids to play. They have certain days for specific age groups. Also to check out just 2 hours north of here, Portland, has some really great things to check out to. The Portland Zoo, The Childrens Museum and OMSI to name a few things.

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  • PP had good suggestions.  There is another Catholic school also--St. Paul's, but to get the tuition discount, you have to be a parishioner at St. Paul's church.  Ohara is for the rest of the parishes.  Marist is the Catholic high school which is a great school.

    There is also infant and toddler story times at the Eugene Public Library.  We go every week and it is a lot of fun.  There is a local Mom's group through Meetup.com which is very casual.  If she wants something more structured, there is a MOM's group also: https://eugenemomsclub.org/

    The YMCA has swimming lessons starting at 6 months and other activities for kids.  SPLASH is an indoor pool area with a wave pool and waterside in Springfield. 

    I am not a fan of living in the downtown area.  We live in Santa Clara area and it is very nice.  The South Hills, Ferry Street Bridge, Goodpasture and Crescent areas are all very nice also.

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