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Not eating...

I am starting to panic a bit. DD hasn't eaten any solid foods of significance for almost a week now. She had an ear infection last week but she if fine now except she has trouble sleeping (i.e. wakes up crying after 30 minutes of her usual 1.5 hour nap) and eating. At the same time she clearly occasionally has stomach pain, and is very irritable. For example today she walked herself on the street a bit but kept stopping and crying, then continued after I cheered her up a bit. Needless to say our 3 minute trip to a play cafe took 20 min. 

She eats something like two spoonfuls of cereal in the morning, two spoonful rice at lunch and tonight she had a veggie sausage, which she spat out again, but kept nipping at and one olive that she also chewed on and spit out again. I caved going home from daycare because she was just crying and crying and bought a bar of chocolate, which she had two bites of. Now I feel even more guilty because that was what she had most of today. I keep offering her foods, fruit, veggies, bread, all the things she usually like (hence the olives). I let her sit with it, I ask her, I place snacks in front of her but she just says no and shakes her head.

She is still BF at night and morning and right now once in the middle of the night but she can't live from BM only. She still drinks water. I don't know what to do other than perhaps go back to the doctor tomorrow morning? Any suggestions what this could be? Any comforting words?  

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Re: Not eating...

  • Go back to the Pedi. Chances are at this point she is loosing some wt too.

    She may also not be finished with that ear infection. Our Dd had cronic ear infections and duriong the worst part wouldnt stay down for naps and showed little interest in food.

    Get her some good multi vitamins(like gummies or something she will eat) to help bump up the vitamin and minerals.

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  • I love your siggy pic, your DD is adorable!  Sorry she isn't feeling well :(

    I agree with PP's, I'd head back to the doc.  Have you tried probiotics?  Whenever DD has any tummy issues I give her some for a few days and they really seem to help, especially after a round of antibiotics.  The brand we buy comes as a powder in little paper pouches and we dump it on her favorite greek yogurt.

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  • I'd try bland foods too, and keep them out all day. Also, I bet she is still not feeling well. :

    If I remember, she is not a super eater anyway, right? Mine is not, and when she is teething she does not like to eat. But I think that they cannot make the association yet that eating will make them fell better (not hungry) My LO tends to eat while she is running around playing. She will grab a bite, run around, and then come back for another bite, run around. It's a slow process, but sometimes she will eat 1/2 piece of toast like this over the course of an hour. It's frustrating, but it seems like the more we focus on the food the less she eats, and if we are all casual about it she will nibble throughout the day.

    good luck!

    oh, i would also try the smoothies. she used to love them, but our blender broke so we haven't made them for a while.  

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  • Thanks for the well wishes! No, she has never been a super eater, but this was rather extreme. DD ate a bit more last night and today so I am holding off the doctor. This evening she ate three little veggie nuggets and a bite of rice and apparently had some yogurt at daycare. I bought the probiotics, that was a great suggestions, but I was home too late to give them to her, I'll try tomorrow. I am luckily able to keep her home from daycare tomorrow and the day after because my mom is flying up here (yeah!) and looking after her. 
    Single mom of DD (2010), TTC #2 since June 2013.
    Occasionally I'm blogging about my life with flybaby.
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