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WWYD? Major daycare concerns....

In the past month, I have had the following issues at Creme De La Creme. I am so dissapointed/sad about this because I absolutely love the center otherwise and the teachers are wonderful but am now so frustrated with their careless mistakes.  I have already started calling around other daycares, but everyone has a huge waiting list. Does anyone have any suggestions for any centers/churches on the Westside (Beltway-I10 area). I don't think I'm overreacting, but here's what's happened over the past month...

1) Brought home another babies bottle in backpack, same bottle as Grant's, Grant was missing a bottle, 3 weeks later, still never returned.

2) Grant had a blowout, his clothes were likely sent home with another child, 3 weeks later, never returned.

3) Medela storage bottle for milk for cereal not sent home with him, 1 week later, never returned.


4) Today I get a call that Grant's bottle was fed to another baby - BREASTMILK. I feel HORRIBLE for that family. Now I have to go bring him another bottle at lunch.

I am so frustrated and dissapointed............would these things be enough for you to change centers?

Re: WWYD? Major daycare concerns....

  • Are you labeling everything?
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  • His clothes are not all labeled, but ALL of his bottles have multiple labels on them.
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  • I used to take Joey to Starting Point Daycare at Jones Road and West...  right there...

    they were WONDERFUL!  :)  


    Tell them Joey's mom sent you if you go...  I truly loved them and miss them!  

  • I wouldn't be too concerned about the clothes or the missing bottles, really. I mean, that stuff happens. But, the breastmilk thing is terrible!! I'd be FUMING if Joe was given someone else's BM!!
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  • I would be upset. 

    Too me, it's not about the items, its about the irresponsibility! 

  • I would also be very upset.

    We take David to Primrose on Eldridge and have never had an issue. We love the teachers and the program.

    I also looked at Memorial Drive Methodist Church on Memorial near the Beltway - https://www.mdumckids.org/programs.

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  • Is 249 and the beltway too far from you?  St. Timothy Lutheran Church has the best nursery with awesome teachers.  I have never had issues with them and they treat the children like their own.  Let me know if you want more details. 
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  • imageretsub:

    I would be upset. 

    Too me, it's not about the items, its about the irresponsibility! 

    I agree.
  • Yes, I would change centers over those things! (Can you even imagine being the mom who got another baby's crap-covered clothes?? Ewww!!!) Have you talked to the director about these issues?

    DD goes to St Christopher's Episcopal Day School, it's on Blalock about a mile north of I-10. She's just been there since September, but she loves it. I just use it as a MDO, but they do fulltime care. We also looked at Fairhaven Methodist Dayon Gessner, and really liked them too we just went with St Chris because it was a tiny bit closer to our house.

    - Jena
  • Is this Creme downtown? If so, I'd want to know about it. We've had sippy cups sent home to the wrong person downtown, and it never bothered me. They always turned up.

    Feeding a baby the wrong bottle -- that would bother me.

    Talk to the Director. In our experience in the infant/early walker rooms, they run a pretty tight ship. Maybe there is a way to get this corrected.

    I would respect the fact that they called you and did not try to hide the mistake even if it is worth leaving for.

  • If those things happened once or twice, it wouldnt be a big deal, but seems like this happens more often than not.  My old daycare (which I loved) the teachers made a few mistakes every now and then and it upset me, but it was rare. 

     Before you switch, I would bring it up with the teachers.  Then I would also bring it up with the admin.  Also, have there been any new teachers or subs recently?  Does everything else seem ok?  I dont know if these are enough to make me switch especially if I was happy otherwise.  But, if things dont improve after you talk with them, I would switch.  GL!

  • Ummm, I'd be PISSED if Char's breastmilk was fed to another baby, especially since her bottles and caps are all labeled.  OMG.  The other stuff sucks, but chalk it up to "negligence", I suppose...

    I have Char in Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church on Memorial, and I LOVE it.  The teachers are awesome and just love Charlotte (and all the kids), and you can tell they love what they do.  They are very meticulous about doing things the way the parents want them and really take care of the children.  Charlotte has a great time there and is exhausted by the time I pick her up!

    I don't know if they have spots right now, but check for the spring semester.  They only allow six children per day in the infant rooms (and there are two teachers plus a floater sometimes), so it's very one on one.  Most days, there are only three kids in her class.  I would look on their website and contact Candice Alexander, who is the director, and who is fabulous.  Or, Jayne, who is also in charge. 

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