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Is a woven that I hear everyone talking about kinda like a Moby but with a material that isn't stretchy? I have looked at them but there are so many, wondered if that was the jist of it?

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  • That's basically the basics of it. Which means they can be used for much longer as your baby grows.

    There is a huge range of thickness, fabrics, colours and everyone has their favourites. Also different lengths allow for different carrying methods. 

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  • Yep that is pretty much it. I have picked out one that I really want after doing tons of research on different ones, the choices can be overwhelming. I am just waiting to find a good deal on it on The BabyWearer. 
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  • Babywearing is very uncommon where I am from. I met a girl at a wedding while I was pregnant that introduced me to and it all started from there. You can learn so much from that website. Now it has become an addiction much like cloth diapering... Stick out tongue I bought a moby wrap before I met her and I never used it. I used my woven wrap when he was a newborn.
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