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Maya's Birth Story

A lot of people don?t know the true story of how Maya came into this world. Now, I am not going to get all gross on you and give you every detail, well?maybe a little. So just be prepared for a little TMI. ;)

Let me start it all off by telling you this?I didn?t know I was pregnant. (Yes, like the TV show on TLC) May 23rd, 2008.

Chris came with me to spend the night at my grandmas for the weekend as it was Memorial Day weekend, and we both had it off. Everything was going great that evening, and then we went to bed. At around 2:00am, my stomach hurt badly, and I kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom. About every 10-15 minutes I would get up, out of bed, and try to go to the bathroom with no success. Finally, I went downstairs and took some Tylenol PM (for the cramps) and some Gas X to relieve the pressure. I went back to bed. Around 3:30am I felt really sick to my stomach, turned to Chris who was sleeping on the air mattress next to the bed, and said, ?Give me the garbage can, I am going to be sick.? He jumped in just enough time for me to throw up all over the blow up bed. So much for the Tylenol PM & Gas X. Chris then laid down in bed with me, but I kept having the worst cramps. I kept thinking at this point, ?Wow, this is going to be one of the WORST periods EVER.? I know you are sitting there asking yourself??Uh, Melissa. How didn?t you know you pregnant? You?re a girl?right?? Yeah, you?re right. I am a girl. But I am a?special?girl. I had my period all 8 months that I was pregnant. Yes?you read that right. It was light, and only lasted for a few days, so I thought it was normal ? because it?s always been like that. Around 9:00 am on May 24th, 2008 when we all got up for the day, I once again, went to the bathroom. This is about the 25th time that I had gone, so my grandma came in to check on me. When I explained to her what was going on, she said I was having a miscarriage and called my aunt (who lived next door) to come over because we needed to go to the hospital. My aunt then came over with her Ford Escape with the backseat covered in blankets & garbage bags. We (Me, Chris, my grandma, and my aunt) all loaded in the car and left for the hospital. The only hospital option we had was Willamette Falls Hospital in Oregon City. We did about 75 the whole way to the hospital, and I was in PAIN. Thank goodness for my grandma in the backseat with me, telling me to pant like a dog. Oddly, that really does work? We start down the road to the hospital which reminded me of a California freeway?BUMPY. As we?re going down the road, I felt something pop. I screamed and started to panic thinking that I just miscarried. My aunt driving, ?You?re going to be OK. It was just your water. We will be at the ER in two seconds.? As we pull up to the front door of the ER, Chris jumps out of the car and inside to get help. At this time, I am feeling a bit of relief from the water breaking. A nurse from the ER comes out and says, ?I have called birthplace, they are outside waiting for you. You will need to go over there.? SERIOUSLY?! Let me out of the car, and FIX ME! We all get back into the car, no seat belts on, and my grandma is holding me. I feel an excruciating pain and try to place pressure on it. As we pull out of the ER driveway and into birthplace (seriously a driveway over) I feel something on my hand, and scream from the pain. As we pull up to the door at the hospital, the car door swings open, all I hear is, ?I?m Dr. Salisbury and I am going to help you.? She then rips my pants off (yes?I am still IN THE CAR) and says, ?I need a birth box; we?re having this baby right here.? And in two seconds we hear, ?Congratulations. You have a baby girl.? I am in shock & cry. We?re all in shock. I was pregnant? Poor Chris is standing facing all of this; I could only IMAGINE what was going through his head. The rest of the time in the car was pretty much a blur, I vaguely remember entering the hospital (where I received standing ovation from the waiting room). I vaguely remember enter my room. I also vaguely remember everybody?s reactions. The only thing I know and remember from this is when Dr. Salisbury looked me in the eyes, and told me: ?Melissa. You gave birth to a healthy, 5lb 5oz, 18inches baby girl. She is a month premature, but is doing great on her own. Congratulations.?

The way that we named Maya (which didn?t happen until the day we left the hospital) is from a name book. We picked the name Maya because she was born in the month of May and Rayn for her aunt Rayna whose car she was born in, also because it was raining the day she was born.

*We happened to be on TLC's 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant' on August 24th, 2012. 


Re: Maya's Birth Story

  • I also forgot to add that she is STILL perfectly healthy and smart too!
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  • Wow this is crazy! :) I'll look for you on that show next year. I'm so glad she came out healthy and happy! <3 best wishes to you and your family!
  • Oops! It aired in 2011. Not 2012. Sorry!
  • Wow! That is amazing! I watch the show all the time and can't imagine getting a surprise like that!

    Although you didn't get a lot of time to prepare your body still knew what to do when the time came. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking birthing classes just saying when the time comes most of what they teach you goes out the window and you settle into what works for you like "panting like a dog".

    Congratulations on your healthy baby girl!

  • Thanks everybody. I am actually writing LO a book about it instead of a regular baby book. :)
  • imageimnotsotough:
    Thanks everybody. I am actually writing LO a book about it instead of a regular baby book. :)


    That sounds like an amazing idea for such a great birth story!

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  • What an incredible birth story, congratulations on your beautiful surprise!
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  • imageBlinkMe182:

    Did you gain weight? I mean did you notice you were gaining?

    I felt like my LO was ALWAYS kicking the crap out of me- and there were times we could see my stomach move, I could literally see a foot.. did you never experience that?

    Looking back do you think of moments where you thought maybe??

    Sorry I am Fascinated by this!!!

    I am so happy to hear you and LO are in perfect health!!!! Congrats on your happy surprise!!

    Sorry it has taken me sometime to get back -- I only gained about 5-10lbs. What is crazy is that we were moving, so I gained a lot of weight from not having all appliances in the new home. I chalked it up to that. No kicking! Even after she was born she just curled up in a little ball and slept. Which was awesome that she was such a cuddler. Looking back, especially now trying and being around more people that are expecting, I kick myself every single day. And I feel I have gained more knowledge because of the situation too. I am really more in touch with what my own body is doing and what every little thing means. :)

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