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New here my Birth stories..

I had my first at 26 wks 1day because of IC and didnt know it i was only 19 and didnt hardly fell anything except a bit of cramps that wouldnt go a way so i went to ER. I was 5cm dialated and pu ton complete bed rest til i delivered. well i delivered 6days later on Jan.22, 2010. 77 days in nicu and found out we were pregnant again by surprise. well i had to get cerclage also. but we they checked my cervix it was shorter on one side then the other. so ended up with an abdomalnial(SP?) cerclage and 17p shots. i still had promblems with preterm labor and had about 6 terbutaline shots and the last week i had to take pills every 4 hours to keep from going into labor. then i had a schedualed csection at 36wks 5days on Dec. 23, 2010.

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