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How do you pronounce Elias?

Going off MissKaydee's post below...

My good friend recently had a son and named him Elias.  She says "Ee-Lie-Us".  I find that I have to really concentrate to say it with the long e for some reason. It comes most naturally to me to say uh-lie-us.  Just wondering how everyone says it since he is the first one I've ever met IRL.  

Re: How do you pronounce Elias?

  • Eh-lie-us
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  • My good friend had a baby boy about a week and a half ago and named him Elias.  She pronounces it, "uh-lie-us".  I actually wanted to pronounce it your way, "Ee-lie-us" when I first saw it written (she texted me the name when he was born). 

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  • Ee-lie-us.  But, I'm from Dee-troit, so that might be why.
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  • imageshouldbworkin:
    Ee-lie-us.  But, I'm from Dee-troit, so that might be why.


    heheh this made me laugh!  I was just in Duh-troit last week so I guess that's why I want to say it that way:) 

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    I say something uh-lie-us

  • I wouldn't pronounce it either of those ways, I say it so it sounds like you're saying the letters "L E S" 

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  • I've always pronounced it Eh-lee-us, but I have no idea if that's correct.

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  • I say eh-lie-es, but my friend is due any day now and they want to call the baby Eli (ee-lie) and have therefore decided that the full first name should be pronounced ee-lie-es. Seems strange to me and it has taken getting used to.
  • I've only met one in real life with this name, and he pronounced it e-LEE-us. This is one name I actually like both ways. 

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  • I've known a couple here in AZ and they are all Eh-lee-us.
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  • I say it like you do with the long E sound.  Of course I also say DS's name Elijah E-lijah rather than how other people sometimes say it uh-lijah.
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  • Elias is my nephew's middle name.  He is 4.  I had never heard it before he was born but I love it.  I have heard my inlaws pronounce it E-lie-us and eh-lie-us

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  • I used to pronounce it Ee-Lie-Us, until my cousin named her son Elias, and it has the Greek pronunciation of Eel-ee-Us.
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