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No bath tub

I don't have a bath tub at all, just the shower stall. What type of baby bath do any of you recommend. I looked into those fancy spray tubs but they were poorly rated. Should I just do a plastic/inflatable pool style tub?

Any suggestions would be great. 


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Re: No bath tub

  • We had one of those fancy tubs with DD and it didn't work for us at all.  This time around we kept that tub, got rid of the bath sling, and purchased a "bed" that fits perfectly in the tub.  Right now we're doing bathtime in the kitchen.  We like to have DD involved so we're able to put the tub on the ground so she can have access to the tub and baby.  This is the bed we purchased.


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  • We didn't either with ds, we only had a shower until he was almost three. When he was tiny, we used something like this:

    When he got too big for that, then we actually used a large rubbermaid bin, lots of room to splash, and we filled it up in the shower.

  • I use this tub for DD still and she could easily use it for the foreseeable future.
  • I dont know if this helps or not, but I bath my dogs in the shower stall in our bedroom because it has a hand-held shower head which makes for super easy rinsing/washing.  Your could probably just use a regular baby tub in your shower stall and then get a handheld shower head to make rinsing and filling the tub easier. 

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  • We have a regular baby tub and I rinse with a plastic cup
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