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Power of Attorney Question

My DH will be deploying within the next few months. Ive told him a few times that we need to get a POA.

He was talking to his MGySgt and he told my husband that we didnt need one! So my DH believed him!!! When I asked my DH about it today he said that the deadline to hand in the paperwork was Monday! So I started crying! (lol hormones!!!) Im moving home when he leaves and I need to get an appartment... I dont work & wont be working because I will have a brand new baby by then, I dont have any credit, and Ive never rented before. SO I know no one is going to rent to be without a POA so I can sign DHs name on the lease.

Cant we get a POA any time we want?? Is there really a deadline?

DH command seems to be wrong about alot of things... so maybe they're wrong about this too!

Any advice/experience is much appreciated! Thank you!

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Re: Power of Attorney Question

  • When DH got his POA, it was fill in the blank. After that, it just had to be notarized. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. He can go to base legal at any time. Even if the deadline had passed, you could quickly have one drawn up by any attorney for a fee.
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  • Thank you!!!

    Is there really is a deadline for when they have to have it done by?? Do you know how much the fee is?

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  • imageMrsDarga:

    Thank you!!!

    Is there really is a deadline for when they have to have it done by?? Do you know how much the fee is?

    I'd say him leaving is a pretty good deadline. I would recommend a specific POA, not a general. 

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  • I have never heard of a deadline. We were shopping at the Exchage and DH called base legal and they said come on over. He went in and I waited in the car with our napping daughter. It took 15 mins and we got it three days before he left. 
  • imageMrsDarga:

    Thank you!!!

    Is there really is a deadline for when they have to have it done by?? Do you know how much the fee is?

    There isn't a fee if you have it done at base legal. 

  • We went to legal on post got POA's for the things that may possibly come up.  Housing, finance, and one more but I can't remember.  My husband refuses to give me a general POA because of the amount of damage that could be done if for some reason we split. When we moved we did the same thing because he wasn't going to be here for the first two months.  THey did everything in the office in about 30 mins.  I didn't even have to be there.
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  • I find it difficult to believe a Master Guns told your husband you didn't need a POA. Did he perhaps say not to get a General POA as it can be useless? One of the officers in H's unit is a notary, and spent an entire week notarizing the standard special POAs prior to their departure. Have your H call base legal and see if they do POAs on a specific day, and then go in together if you're able. My POAs saved me the night after my H left, because my friends accidentally parked his POV in the wrong spot and got it towed. Thank goodness I had the POA that let me "take possession of his vehicle from any storage facility". 
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  • If your DH will be away for the birth of your baby, as well as the first 60 days, you will need a specific POA to have the baby entered into DEERS. You would need this, too, if your military ID expires or gets lost while he's gone.

    We also got a specific POA that allowed the stated person(s) to have the right to make decisions for our LO in the event that I am incapacitated, until DH was able to return. We didn't need it, but better safe than sorry.
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  • I dont know some of your questions, but just a comment. I think you need a POA. I wish my husband would of gotten one before he left also, its has gotten ridiculous. At times I feel like being with him for the last 8 years and his wife counts as nothing. We have had checks made out to us both and bc he is not here and I dont have a POA we couldnt even deposit or cash these with out both signatures. Its really frustrating.
  • You need a POA!!! And nowadays the general ones they used to do are pretty much crap, so get a specific POA, but I'm pretty sure your base legal would do this for you by default now. There are about a million things I can think of that could happen while he's deployed that you would need a POA for or that your DH would need you to have a POA for for his sake. So get one. He's deploying in a few months? Ummm yeah that's way way early for a "deadline" for a POA. Just send DH to legal and get one drawn up. It takes as long as him initialing a ton of lines, filling in your name and information, then signing it and having legal notarize it (plus however long it was to wait for his appt/non appt). 
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  • I think this may be a case of misunderstanding.  You don't want a general POA, because you can't do anything with it.  You want specific POAs depending on what may happen.  You definitely want one for housing and to allow you to rent an apartment.  The big one you need though is one for the baby.  You cannot enroll your LO in DEERS or Tricare.  You will need 2 specific POAs to do this.  
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  • What everyone else has said, pretty much.  I've needed POA's to do everything from dealing with housing, to getting my ID card renewed, to having to deal with Verizon the many times they've screwed up his account that was supposed to be suspended while he was gone.  There was even a time when his credit card info was stolen, and the bank wouldn't talk to me about it at all (he had to deal with it over the phone from Iraq which sucked majorly for him), because we didn't have that specific credit account listed on the POA, even though every other account he/we had at that bank was listed.  If you have to do anything that's in your husband's name, or deal with joint accounts even, nobody will talk to you without the specific POA.  Talk to base legal.  They can help you with the POA's you might need while he's gone. 
  • You can get a POA at any time.  When my DH was deployed one of the guys in his unit was able to get a specific POA while he was down range and just fax it over to his wife, but he is AF and stays on the base the entire deployment.  If I were you I would try to get one ASAP!  My husbands command gave him a list of special POA's to consider getting at legal before deploying.

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  • Thank you ladies so much!! Last night I talked DH into getting this figured out this week!

    DH will be here for the birth but he will be leaving a few weeks after LO is born! So we would be able to get LO into DEERS and Tricare before he leaves. Im thinking I will need a Specific POA for our shared bank account, housing/renting, and getting my ID card renewed while hes gone because he will be extending to go on this deployment! 

    His car and all of our things are going in storage on base, do you think I would need one for that stuff too?

    You have no idea how much this helped!!! THANK YOU!


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  • I would get one for everything. You never know what could happen. 
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  • My husband has never had much issue getting a POA done quickly.  He also had one written up for me (a specific POA that we didn't realize we would need before deployment) while he was gone.  So I don't think the "deadline" is that big of a deal.

    I do agree you need a POA.  Probably a real estate POA if you are going to be looking to sign a lease using your DH's credit.

    Maybe call a few apartment complexes where you are moving and chat with them about the documentation you will need to get a lease completed.  That way you feel more confident about the process and are 100% informed.  Your DH will also know exactly what to leave behind so you are taken care of.

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