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Screaming when going to bed. Advice Please?

My 4 month old screams ... like really screams almost right when I put her in her crib at night. She never cries or screams like that at any other time. I make sure she ate, diaper changed, music and lights on, swaddled, everything. We've tried every combination of things to do that we can think of. Rocking her before hand doesn't work, different music, no music, no lights, no swaddle. Once she finally falls asleep she sleeps through the night. The only thing that worked was letting her fall asleep in the swing or bouncer and we really don't want to keep doing that. Did any of you get past this yet and could give some tips?

Also I was thinking maybe she's already teething. She's constantly got her hands in her mouth. Sometimes she gets upset and as soon as something is in her mouth she cheers up a little bit. Should I try baby orajel? Thankyou

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Re: Screaming when going to bed. Advice Please?

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    Never mind I guess. I just went down reading posts. It's been a whil since i've been on and my first post for the 3-6 month board I think. I just noticed a lot of you are going through the same stuff. My DH and I have decided to try this Ferber Method.


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