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If you ordered from KC for Black Friday

Did you get any freebies? Or win any give aways? I'm kind of bummed...I don't think I did. Makes me kind of upset. lol But really only because I waited for Black Friday to buy the things I needed and then nothing I needed was on sale! So I thought maybe I could at least get a freebie. Bah.

Re: If you ordered from KC for Black Friday

  • I hear ya! Free shipping was about my only "score" and even at that, I could've thrown something in the cart to get over $49 if I needed to to get the regular free shipping!
  • I didn't do black friday, but on Cyber Monday I got BG 4.0's for $15 instead of $17.95 and free shipping.  Yesterday, I ordered some more (just starting my stash) and got a free diaper (OS up to $18 value) with the coupon code WINTER.
  • I ended up getting an Owl lunch sack.  its for age 3+.  Although not useful to me, it is a great gift for my nephew.
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  • I had my order PLACED, DONE by 12:02 on Black Friday and fell into the 16-50 order number, so I got a tube of CJ's BUTTer.  I really wanted a Blueberry diaper instead that came free with orders 1-15 - hence why my order went in so early.  Still got some good deals though...knowing my luck I was order #16...lol.  Used the free shipping on cyber monday to grab one more BG....but it was at full price by then.  Oh well.
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