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Anyone heard of hematomas?

Last week gave birth to our beautiful son!!  I developed 2 external hematomas.  They watched them closely and luckily did not require surgery, so now I am doing hot/cold treatments and am about to start applying Amica gel to see if it helps.  Any other stories or tips would be great- I can't find much info out there! It hurts like crazy though- so uncomfortable and I read somewhere it can take months to be absorbed back into body :(


Re: Anyone heard of hematomas?

  • It's a pocket of blood that pools and bruises, it usually gets absorbed by ur body over time or surgically they drain it, more common after surgeries then u think

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  • I have only had experience with them in horses (sorry lol) but hot/cold compresses is what we do until it absorbs.  We usually see them as a result from some sort of impact in competition and they are NBD.

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