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Cramping after baby dropping?

After your LO dropped, did you have some cramping? I feel a lot of pressure down low tonight and think it's because he's lower. Some of the cramping feels like gas but some it feels like what others have described as contractions. Any ideas? Luckily I have an appointment already scheduled in the morning.
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Re: Cramping after baby dropping?

  • I'm confused whether LO has "dropped". He's by far lower but I don't feel like he's between my legs or anything. The doctor said he's "low" but has never used the term of "dropped".

    This being said ever since he's been head down and "low" I've had HORRIBLE cramps. I'm lost too on whether they are BH, contractions or what.

    My doctor said to focus more on cramps that are higher... I'm still kinda lots. Like you, it feels like gas a lot. Nothing has been timeable and there hasn't been fluid or red blood so I've been telling myself maybe it's BH?

  • I've been experiencing a lot more pressure too and was positive that LO had finally dropped, but at my appointment today, I was informed that she was still riding high, right under my ribs! 

    It could very well be that your LO is starting to move down a little, but it could also be contractions that are creating the pressure as well. 


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