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Hi ladies!  I was a member of the T-TTC board in 2006-2007.  I have PCOS and hypothroidism.  H and I are TTC # 3. 

I got pregnant with DD #1 after seeing an RE for 5.5 months and being put on clomid for 1 cycle.  I developed a cyst that cycle, and got pg with DD #1 on a break cycle waiting for my cyst to desolve.

I got pg with DD # 2 when DD # 1 was 8 months old.  I was breast feeding and got pg the first time I O'ed after giving birth.

I just stopped taking BCP last week.  My new (since having DD # 1) insurance will not cover my visits to my RE because PCOS is considered a medical condition and not an IF problem, plus H and I haven't been TTC for 12 months.  I will be using OPK only this month.  If I find that I'm not O'ing in the next couple of months then H and I will pay out of pocket to see our RE because he is great and we feel very comfortable with him. 

ETA:  Sorry for the errors in spelling and run on sentences!

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  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome to the board.  I hope your stay is short and sweet!  I also have PCOS and hypothyroidism.  DH and I had insurance coverage for the RE the first time around and we also don't this time around, so we are 100% OOP.  Because of that, we are going to try on our own w/ charting & OPK until this spring, and then head to the RE to get some help.

    Good luck! :)

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  • Welcome to the board! The women here are wonderful. 
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  • Welcome! This is a great board with a lot of supportive and wise ladies. Hope you don't have to stay too long.
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