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Kids at Starbucks--NBR

For some reason, it really bugs me to see kids at Starbucks. I am not sure if it is because it disrupts the quiet, adult atmosphere or because the kid is drinking a $4 cup of steamed milk...but it is one of those irrational pet peeves.

This morning I decided to treat myself to a hot chocolate and an egg sandwich to cheer myself up from 3 consecutive sleepless nights. I go to work at 6 am, and usually I am the only one in line. Today I was stuck behind a mother and her three treasures. The kids all had to adorably order for themselves, but they had not decided ahead of time what they wanted. The whole family was in their PJs. They took almost 10 mintes to order! Then the mom cut in front of me when it was my turn to ask for a glass of water.

They were exactly the type of entitled people that dwell in my area. They irk me even more when I drive 40 minutes to a small, poverty-stricken rural town to teach homeless and migrant kids each day.

 Vent over and out.

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Re: Kids at Starbucks--NBR

  • I used to work at Starbucks, and when people would try to cut in to ask for water I would put a cup in line with all the other drinks I was making so the people waiting still got their drinks first.

    My peeve was people who brought kids there but did not watch them. I would find toddlers in the back of the store! What if they tried to climb one of the shelves back there or got hurt or something? It irritates me when people treat service people as their personal baby sitters.

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  • Haha I love this post. I totally feel the same way. It makes me feel bad that I'm expecting my own and I don't see the preciousness when a mom is talking loudly in baby talk to her 6 month old at the check out at Target and taking forever because she's telling the check out person that her baby's favorite color is yellow! (True Story)  I'm guessing it's just parenting style? I really hope after I have children I don't lose sight of basic politeness and realize that just because I think my kids are adorable and put them first doesn't mean everyone else should too. Glad to know I'm not the only one! :)
  • I used to work for a coffee shop in the 'burbs of a really metro area and the kids didn't bother me - it was usually the parents! It seemed like I always got stuck with the really snooty moms that would quiz me on the what goes in their drinks and if the organic apple juice was really organic or not. Um, yes - it comes in a juice box and says organic right on the thing. Want it or not? Then she would order a princess drink with like ten different modifications and hawk eye me while making it. I don't miss the uppity suburbs at all. 

    I don't care where I am, if I get to the head of a line and I still don't know what I want I offer to let the person behind me go. Just courtesy, they shouldn't have to stand there and wait while I stare slack-jawed at the menu.

  • I don't know if that's a kids at Starbucks issue or just a rude people issue. I take DS to Starbucks fairly frequently but I emphasize being quick about things. He can kind of order for himself "cold melk an banana bred!" so it's cute but I try to be really fast because I know it's a high-volume cafe!   He also sits quite nicely in a "big boy chair" while we eat...but if he starts getting loud and squirely I wrap it up and we head home.  I expect *some* understanding of course if he's just being cute and chatty, but I  also know people do not want to be stuck next to a loud squirmy toddler while on their nice coffee break!

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