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My whine (wish it was wine)

I am so bored.  I have been home for 2 weeks now.  I have written my thank yous, taken many many naps, packed my bags, washed baby clothes, cleaned the house, etc.  Today i joined a new mom's group in my area.  I just dont know what to do with myself while I wait and wait for LO to arrive.  I know all the mommies with outside babies are busy busy!  What are the pregnant mommas doing with their free time??

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Re: My whine (wish it was wine)

  • This is it. lol.

    I am still working though, so by the time I get home I am tired. I usually eat, Bump, watch TV, shower, play Words with Friends, play with the pups and wait patiently for DH to get home from work. He usually gets off about 11pm. Then I try to spend 30 mins or so with him before I pass out around 12am. Then get up at 7:30am for work. 

    I know you didn't ask for my whole day but I felt like telling it. :)

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  • I'm still working part time, so that takes up a good chunk of my day...and I'm a teacher, so I bring grading and planning home with me.  But, besides that, I spend WAY too much time lurking on TB and looking stuff up on Pinterest.  :)

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  • Oh my gosh, I know what you mean! I tried not cleaning today so I'd have something to do tomorrow and I'm still questioning whether I'll have anything significant to occupy my day.

    It is nice catching up on sleep and not having to be anywhere by a specific time though.

    It's sad, the highlight of my day is around 5pm when I start to make dinner for when my husband comes home just after 5:30. I do dishes at the same time and today he was a few minutes late so I did all the dinner dishes while waiting and had our dinner waiting on plates and everything.

    It'll be nice when the baby gets here and occupies my time. I'm going to waste some time Christmas shopping on Friday.

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  • I'm going insane! I'm on modified bedrest for mild pre-eclampsia where I basically have to sit/lay around the house and do nothing. Today marks two weeks. I get to leave to go to my appts. but that's about it. Thankfully I only have one more week at most.
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  • Hmm I like to sleep in a bit..usually til 8:30 or 9.  I get up, Bump a bit.  I have horses so I got to the barn and take care of them.  I work for my trainer still so sometimes I kill a couple hours tacking up and grooming horses for her.  Depending on how I feel I'll come home and clean or veg on the couch.  I usually go back to the barn at 4:30 then come home a get dinner started.  Once H comes home I am stuck on the couch for the night (or the computer).

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