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Contactions with u/s?

At my appointment last week I had an internal u/s and an external u/s, and at the end the Tech asked if I felt the contraction I had with the internal. I didn't notice anything really different, maybe a little tightening but nothing major or painful.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I have been kind of worrying about it sense. I'm hoping it's "normal" because I really don't want to go this early... Indifferent
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Re: Contactions with u/s?

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    still getting internals huh? ug, I hated those. Had a couple contractions at my last internal, but they were checking to make sure my Cervix was still closed, due to some strong regular BH's.
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    I'm seeing a perinatologist, so I've been having external and internal ultrasound every 4 weeks.  Internals are to measure the cervical length.  I have contractions because they have me come in with a full bladder, and they let me empty my bladder after external.  So pretty much every time.  I feel it, but it doesn't last long.  It's normal to have contractions some times, and my doctor told me it's important for your uterus to stay strong so it can expel your baby when the time comes.  Don't worry about it:)
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    I had contractions too with my internal u/s.  They lasted for a few hours after the u/s was done.
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