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Teacher gifts

This is the first year we've been in school that the class doesn't do a collective Christmas gift....I'm at a loss on what and how much to give teachers.

My thinking is that either cash or a gift card to Target may be most appreciated but I have no idea how much.

Both boys have two teachers.  Colton goes MWF 9-12 and Ridge goes 5 days 9-12.

Gift cards or something else?

How much do you spend per teacher?

Do you give the teacher and the assistant the same amount?


Re: Teacher gifts

  • Last year I gave both teachers a $15 target GC plus a homemade treat. Will probably do the same this year.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • GC are always appreciated. I would give the teachers the same amount.

    Other things I really liked as a teacher are personalized stationery/notepad and cute recycable(sp) grocery bags.

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  • We are doing a gift card tree for Reid's class (he has 2 teachers and we will do one for each). I am debating on doing one &10 gc for each of them or 2 $5 cards-one to Target and one to Starbucks-. I will also send in a box of baked goodies for each of them.

     I haven't heard from Grant's class if we are doing a "gift" so I will probably so the same thing for them, gift card(s) and baked goodies.

     I would love to do more for each teacher, because we love them...but we have two to buy for.  The baked goodies I'm planning are chocolate mint truffles, decorated sugar cookies and cupcakes.

    Grant Thomas 8.8.06 and Reid Alexander 8.11.08
  • I would spend about $15 per teacher 

    Maybe $20 for Ridge's teachers since he goes 5 days.

    You could do starbucks cards and put them inside travel coffee mugs.

    I ordered organic bloom photo ornaments for the teachers this year and will do a Target gift card. It's more about the gesture than anything else.

    HTH if I think of other ideas I will let you know.  

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  • I usually spend around $20 per teacher for Christmas.  I have four to buy for this year:  Jack has one teacher and Ethan has a teacher, an assistant, and his after school teacher.  I bought all four ladies the same gift.  They are getting this glass snowman that lights up in different colors, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and a $10 gc to Target. 
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  • I'm thinking of getting them one of thirty-one's littles carry all's filled with probably something on the list we got of their favorite things.  Or put some bubble bath and a loofah, or a coffee mug and Starbucks gift card..

    here is a pic from our catalog...they are on the bottom left area... Page_36_37.jpg 

  • Have you been on pinterest lately? There are so many cute gift ideas for teachers.
  • Have had 2 kids in full time daycare for the last 5+ years, I know all about this.  This is the first year that we've had a break since Carter only goes to the after school program now.

    For full-time teachers, i usually give a $20 giftcard to Target or somewhere i know they like.  Part-time teachers get $10.  We typically have 4 full time teachers, and 4-6 part time teachers that we have to buy for.  It gets pricey for sure.

    I used to make treats, give monogrammed stationary, nice soaps, starbucks, etc.  But then I learned that what they really wanted was gift cards, and not 8000 pounds of sweets from every kid they have, and a bunch of stuff that takes up space and they really don't care for.  It's not as personal of a gift, but at least they can get something that they really want. 

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