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Not talking as much....?

A few weeks ago (around 9-10weeks) our LO found her cute little voice and would coo or talk to her dangling toys etc...Over the past two weeks or so, she hasn't been doing much talking at all (she is 13 weeks today)...She has in this time discovered her hands and love of putting them (and other things) in her mouth...Should I be concerned that she hasn't been "chatting" recently?
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Re: Not talking as much....?

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    I don't know if this helps but DS was talking tons too, until we went out in public. Then he wouldn't talk as much as he does at home. I found that kind of odd. But now he talks anywhere. And yeah he found his hands and toys could fit in his mouth so he doesn't talk as much at first.
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    mine did that too and i freaked out because at the same time we had also stopped bedtime stories, but he started back up again but he squeals and makes these adorable little whisper noises, i think its normal for them to stop doing something for a little while once they learn how to do it
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    Mine did the EXACT same thing...I was worried as well and missed his little voice. 

    We had one weekend with lots of relatives visiting and he really started laughing and cooing more!  

    I wouldn't be took about a month or so to get him talking again but now he makes all kinds of noise!

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