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Question about cramping

Is anyone else having period cramps in front but mostly in back when LO is moving around lots and it stops right after they stop?
Just seems weird to me lol
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Re: Question about cramping

  • I've been having more BH contractions then anything. No crampy ones yet. I do remember how it was with DS #1. I woke up thinking my period was going to start. I felt crappy that whole morning.
  • Thanks for the reply, I've been pretty crampy in general all day and that last couple hours i've lost tons more of my mucus plug..hmm fingers crossed!
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  • I just started to feel crampy this afternoon, but am wondering if it is just gas pain.  I had a BM when I got home from work (sorry the TMI), but that hasn't made the feeling go away. Nothing timeable yet. I hope it goes away so I can sleep tonight. Baby needs to cook for a few more days before I am full term.
    Edited because I am an English teacher and that's what we do.
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