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Anyone have non typical labor pain?

I know what contractions feel like, I had them for 29 hours with my first born. My second born was a planned c-section. I am 40 weeks pregnant (farther than I made it with either of my other two) and tonight I have been experiencing a LOT of baby movement, accompanied by a lot of sharp pains in my groin and lower back, but no tightening contractions. I know typically when you are in labor the baby will slow or even stop moving, so I was curious to see if any of you other mamas have gone into labor that wasn't your typical "labor"?

Re: Anyone have non typical labor pain?

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     I've had the exact feeling off and on for a few weeks now and my OB said it's your baby resting on a nerve.

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    I believe it was a nerve thing! Man it took my breath away! But after a few hours it went away so hopefully the baby won't be going there again anytime soon, unless he/she needs to for me to go into labor, lol! At this point I'll take about any pain to get this LO out, my patience is running low ;)
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