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Suddenly sense of smell!

Ok I don't know what the deal is but the past couple days my sense of smell is suddenly CRAZY sensitive!! I thought it already was with just being pregnant, but lately I keep asking my husband "do you smell that? I smell (insert random scent here)". And he never smells anything! Like right now I keep smelling this faint yucky cabbage smell around our place but I can NOT figure out where it could be from... ugh.

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Re: Suddenly sense of smell!

  • Me too! I noticed it last weekend when I was stringing Christmas lights outside - I kept smelling what I thought I smelled like a gas leak - wasn't paranoid about that at all. Then it was our mud room, where I kept smelling apples. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night completely grossed out because I could smell my husband's breath from across our king size bed and it made me nauseated. It's like a flashback to first tri. Yuck.
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  • I'm so stuffed up that I couldnt smell a skunk even if it "farted" in my face.

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  • Well I at least figured out the mystery of the yucky cabbage smell.. there was a TINY bit of old food left in the drain of our sink... that's where it was from! Sheesh. Cleaned the heck out of the sink and that cured it.

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  • I have had this too.  I feel like I did 1st tri when I had supersmell.  My husband calls it 'mom nose.'

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