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What to register for

My DH and I want to cloth diaper our baby who is due in June.  This is our first child and we are completely new to the cloth diapering world.  I know there are many types and everyone has their favorite types but I am feeling overwhelmed.  I'm starting my registry and trying to decide what we should register for.  Any tips or suggestions would be amazing! Thanks! :)

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  • I am in the same boat as you--never done it before! I am trying to look at how many the cloth diapering services give you per week, then asking myself how much laundry do I think I will do in a week if we don't use a service. If I can launder twice a week and the baby may need to be changed 10X/day as a newborn, I figure I will need 30-40 prefolds, plus a few extras, plus 5-10 covers and some snappies. This is in line with the numbers from the diaper services, too--they give 80/week and recommend 4-6 covers (for a newborn). I am going to register for slightly fewer cloth ones in larger sizes since they don't soil as often when they are older, as I understand it. I bet some more experienced moms here will have advice to improve on this method, though.
  • I'm pretty early in the planning stages, and I'm planning for twins as well so you could roughly halve my numbers and I'm expecting to wash about every 2-3 days.  I have two sizes I'm really looking at, the newborn sizes (up to about 8 ish pounds) and then planning to transfer to one-size pockets.

    60 newborn prefolds

    4-6 newborn fitted

    10 Bummis XS covers

    24 Kawaii pockets

    24 BumGenius

    I'm torn between getting 12 BG and 12 Fuzzi Bunz as well.  I'm just not sure, I was always a big FB fan in the past, but I might just start with 12 BG and order another 12 of them if I love them, or get 12 FB if I don't.  I also want to kind of keep it simple for my husband, and love the wickingness of pockets, so I probably will only use prefolds in the beginning (will keep some of them for extra stuffing ability later :)


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