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Baby clothes sizes?

Hi everyone, 

I'm a first time mom, only 22 weeks right now but I'm starting to think about buying some baby clothes and gear. My mother told me that I should expect a big baby (my family has big babies, I was 8 lb but 10 lb by 2 weeks apparently), and that I shouldn't buy any newborn or even 3 month size clothes! She said that a 6 month outfit might fit for coming home from the hospital but I should really be buying 9 months or bigger! I looked at the size charts and told her if I am bringing a 27 lb baby (9 month size from one site) home than I will have other problems. She said she doesn't know what babies come close to these sizes. Now I'm confused and am scared to buy baby clothes!

It's been 18 years since my mother has had an infant (my youngest sister) so I'm guessing she is mistaken, but does anyone have any input on baby clothes actually matching up with the baby's age?

Re: Baby clothes sizes?

  • They did for my son and have for most babies in our family.  S was pretty small though so 0-3 swallowed him for a little while.  If anything, I think they are slightly big.

    ETA: I'd skip newborn size until you know if you need it and not get much 0-3 as it does normally get outgrown rather quickly.  I wouldn't expect to start at 6-9; that sounds crazy. 0-3 is for 7-12 pounds so I don't see why it wouldn't fit a 8, 9, 10 pound baby.

  • Every baby is different.  I skipped the newborn sizes because like you my family has large babies.  I'd definitely get some 0-3 month.  I found the length was my issues with 0-3, and I've heard similar from other people.  So if you do buy ahead think about getting something without feet and just use socks.  Keep in mind everybody will probably buy you clothes too!




  • Every baby is different. My LO wore 0-3 month clothes for about a month. I would see what you get at your shower and then have at least a few 0-3 month items...leave the tags on and you can always return them!
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  • The first thing I bought after having DD was size newborn clothes. We only bought 0-3 months and she was swimming in them. Luckily, I accidentally bought an outfit preemie size, so that got us through day 1. She was almost 8 pounds and wore newborn clothes for about a month. I would definitely pick up at least a few things to have on hand.

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  • My dd was 5 days late and was really small- 5lbs 15 oz. She wore NB for probably the first 2 months. I wouldn't expect your baby to wear anything bigger than 0-3 mos at first. You really don't need much though. We used a lot of gowns, onesies, and then wrapped her in a swaddle.

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  • My son was 8.5 lbs and could fit in newborn clothes for about 2-3 weeks. For Carters clothes, he has always needed about 3x his actual age for size. He was 11 lbs by 1 month, 14 lbs by 2 months, and 23 lbs by 6 months (99th % in height and weight). At 1 month he was in 3 month clothes and at 6 months he was in 18 month clothes. I swaddled him a bunch and skipped outfits in the beginning. Try not to wash too much or take off too many tags before you see what you really will need to use.
  • Having a big baby doesn't necessarily mean you will need huge clothes.  My LO was born at 8lb12oz and was very long.  We only used newborn for about a week, not because they didnt fit her around, but because they were all to short.  Since then she has pretty much followed the clothes as they are marked, but we have to watch for length as she is super tall and skinny.  I would buy a couple of newborn outfits, but plan on getting some good swaddlers and I also recommend getting sleep sacks.  Our LO HATED being swaddled but does great in the sleep sacks and they work great with her height.
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  • I think this is impossible to answer. I've been trying to decide myself what to buy.

    I was 8 lbs 6 oz at birth and DH was 10 lbs. 3 oz. I have 3 weeks to go with this LO and so far he seems small.

    I have a few NB pieces. I'm not going overboard. Once you get out there and start comparing different brands you'll see that some run smaller. I've been trying to focus a bit on the brands that run small and buy them in 0-3. I have 2 newborn onesies...I'm most worried about the length of them. LO might be 8lbs and still fit fine except for length? They seem so short.

  • I'll chime in here with a baby who weighed 9 lbs 7 oz. She still wore newborn clothes for about a month. You WILL NOT be bringing home a baby in 9 month clothes! 

     I do agree that you should only get a few NB and a few 0-3 and wait to see what people get you. People love to give baby clothes :)

    Just FYI, my DD has stayed relatively near her age clothing sizes, always being a touch ahead. Right now at almost 6 months, she can barely squeeze into 3-6 month clothes and is mainly wearing 6-9 month clothes. She is in the 95th percentile for weight and height. 


    ETA: She was also 21 inches long 

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  • My LO was 6 lbs and we had almost no NB stuff. A friend went out and bought us some clothes for her before we came home and she wore them for about 2 months! I would stick to 0-3 to start...have a few NB things but leave the tags on so you can return them.
  • I've found that the newborn and 0-3 month clothes at consignment and thrift stores are nearly new.  And you can afford to get a handful.  (Plus the new-clothes chemicals are already washed off.)   This might be a good way to invest in a few things that may or may not fit, without spending a lot.
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  • I only had 0-3 mth clothes and up and then when my DD was born(7lbs, 3 oz) she was drowning in her clothes, so I bought a few newborn clothes, mainly for pictures and such but I would get 0-3 for sure and if your nervous about spending $$$ by 2nd hand.
  • It just depends on teh baby.   My son was 2 weeks late, 21 inches and 6 llb, 9 oz when born.  He was in newborn for 9 weeks.

    Then in 3 month until about 5 months old.  then in 6 months from 5 months until about 8 months old.  then in 9 months from 8 months until about 13 months.  then in 12 months from 13 months until now... note that he can also wear some 18 months and 24 months.

    he is long and skinny... about 34 inches and only 22.5 pounds... at 17 months, so anything from 12 to 24 months fits depending on how big it is.

    I would not buy a lot until you see how your child is shaped. 

    People told me not to buy any newborn... so I had to go out when he was born and buy a lot as he was small.

    Others have hte opposite.  It is impossible for us to tell  you as it varies with every child.

    SO-- I would say wait.  then you can buy what you need.


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