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My Nan's ill ... not going to get to meet her next great grandchild :(

Hi, Had a phone call this morning off my mum saying my nan had gone into hospital after being found by the care staff at the home shes in she has dementia & she's 91 .. the hospital said it seemed like she must have had a heart attack and she has fluid on her lungs and now shes in the stages of heart failure... we knew from visiting her in the care home she was going down hill as she had her good days but bad days too.. but we hoped she would pick up and be here for when my 2nd baby comes.... im really upset at the fact it isnt likely she will be with us and get to meet her great grandchild.. ive never lost a family member its so scary knowing that phone call will be coming any day now :( 
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Re: My Nan's ill ... not going to get to meet her next great grandchild :(

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    My grandmother passed away a week after I found out I was pregnant with DD#1, so I understand how you feel.  I was very close to her and it was really hard knowing she'd never meet any of my kids.  The only thing I can say is, it will get easier with time and to be thankful for the time you did get to spend with her.  Hang in there!  Hugs!!
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    I'm sorry your grandmother is not doing well.  My 93 year old grandmother is slowly in declining health - but she's been living with congestive heart failure for 3+ years so if it's that it does not instantly mean she will be gone quickly.  Positive thoughts!  I hope things look up for her and she makes it through to be able to meet her great grandchild.
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    i am sorry this is happening right now. I have been there.


    hugs, and good thoughts to you and the family.

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    so sorry.  We lost my gma a month before our BFP.  It sucks that DD is the only great-grandchild that she will have met but it's better than nothing.
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    At least your Nan knows her family is growing for the future . . . my Grandma LOVED being a Grandma and was disappointed that it was taking my generation so long to have Little Ones. DH and I found out we were pregnant four months after she passed away.

    I really wish she could have known we were going to have a baby . . . but a certain part of me thinks that she knows.

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    My FIL passed away a couple of days after we found out I was pregnant with my son.  My son is his first grandchild.  He was longing for grandchildren, but at age 68, he lost a battle with liver cancer.  He didn't get to see any of his grandchildren... 

    It's very sad..., but we all know it's part of our lives too.   

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    I know how you feel.  One of my gran's passed away a few days before we found out we were having an LO and we got our positive test on the day of her funeral.  My second gran passed away when we were 4 months along.  We had our first ultrasound (thanks to a bit of a scare and an ER trip) and saw our little girl on the day of my second gran's funeral and a week after that we found out that we were having a girl.  In the case of my second gran I am the oldest grandchild (although she had many great grandchildren from various teenage pregnancies of some cousins).  I think that part of the spirit of both grans will be with my little girl and I know that they are both looking over us right now.

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    I can't imagine going through that, I would be so heartbroken. I had a dream that my grandmother was told she was going to pass away without some sort of treatment and she refused it, (just a random pregnancy dream) and I woke up crying. Just gotta pray and hope that she can make it to atleast meet your baby. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! :)
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    I'm sorry to hear that...I call my grandmother Nannie, Nan for short.  I'll be thinking of you and her.
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