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Excercise during 2ww?

My husband and I are trying to conceive our second, naturally so far.  I have a short luteal phase and my Dr prescribed progesterone suppositories...I am an avid excerciser - work out 5-6 times/week.  I have been doing the 30 day shred and also do cardio on the elliptical, arc trainer, treadmill, etc.  I have scaled back my running since really TTC but what does everyone think about excercise during the 2ww?  Should I be exerting myself only to the point whetre I can still hold a conversation - or does that only apply during pregnany itself.  Curious what all of you are doing....

Re: Excercise during 2ww?

  • I read that low impact should be the way to go during the 2ww. I never do cardio during that time.
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  • I don't change up my routine at all during 2ww.
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    I don't change up my routine at all during 2ww.


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  • I teach aerobics part-time (kickboxing, pilates, strength training)...so during my natural cycles I don't change my routine up...but during stimmed cycles I have to take it easy and can't do the high-impact...when I was pregnant with DD I even taught kickboxing up until 2 weeks before she was born...definitely slowed it down some but as long as you listen to your body you should be fine...and I think definitely cutting out some of the running is good but if your body is used to it then it shouldn't be a problem either even in the 2ww!
  • Thanks for all of your feedback!  So far I'm not doing anythign differently but if no luck getting pregnant after some more time, I may scale back a bit or take breaks from tough cardio during the 2 ww.

    I have been on here mostly lurking lately (posted an inro awhile back) but also changed my screen name so you may not remember me.  I don't have a ton fo time to post but I woudl like to be a bit more active here as we really TTC and wish you all the best in your journeys as well!  This seems like a very supportive group.

  • After about 9 months of trying, my RE's nurse and I decided that during the 2WW, I'd follow the old school advice about keeping my HR below 140 until I knew I had a viable pregnancy.  It's out of date, yes, but based on the idea that the uterus is not a vital organ, and so when you are getting exercise, your body prioritizes getting blood to your heart and lungs, not your uterus.  So to keep things low key, but still get exercise, during the 2WW.  Not saying this is for everyone, but it was what we came to.

    For me, my HR gets up really high, quickly, though it drops back down to normal quickly, too. But when I run, it's in the 160s to 170, and when I play hockey, it has gotten over 200 that I know of.  So that's why we decided that as a precaution, I'd just quickly walk my running route and skip hockey during the 2WW. I'm not on a team right now, so I can pick and choose when I play pick-up.


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