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Cried on the phone making my first RE appointment...

and I feel like an idiot. 

I mean, I knew that this was probably coming, but honestly I just didn't think it wouldn't work out the "normal" way. I mean, it took my one try with this! The scheduler said that people cry all the time, so I know I'm not the only one, but I'm usually the hard core biatch in the group. I am mean, dammit!

Anyway, my first appt. is next week. I'm seeing the young male doctor in the practice, two women and two men. They said the first appt. will be about 3 hours...anybody want to shed some light on what all they do?


Re: Cried on the phone making my first RE appointment...

  • It is totally normal to cry. I've cried before too. The first visit usually consists of a talk with the doctor to go over your history. Then, they usually do an u/s and take bloodwork. Mine took about an hour. I don't know what else they could do, but maybe someone else knows.
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  • My first RE appointment is tomorrow as well, and I have cried about it at least 3 times already today.  And my son also happened on our first try.  So I totally understand everything you've said.  Big hugs and I hope you can get some answers!
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  • Mine only took an hour too.

    I had a lot of pre-testing done thru my OB, so my appointment was her recommendation based on what we know now (the history I filled out prior to and my medical records). I had a date with the dildo cam and my husband had bloodwork. Then I was given a price sheet for OOP treatments, what my meds would cost, they have a deal with a pharmacy and when to call to schedule Hsg, etc.

    I hope you get some answers!!

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  • Hang in there sweetie.  I'm sorry you are starting down this road.

    My 1st appt was fairly long as we met with the RE and chatted for about 30-45 minutes, both had bloodwork, I had an ultrasound, met with my nurse, met with financial/insurance coordinator. 

    Lots of luck to you!
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  • Thanks y''s nice to have people to talk with about this. We haven't told anybody IRL that we're trying again, because I don't want to deal with all the questions, etc. People have finally stopped asking when we're going to have more, now that Lil is 7, so inviting them into the process is sooo not happening. 

    I had to call the office back to give them my insurance info, so I asked about the appt. They say I'll talk to my doc, maybe another one, the nursing staff, then the financial people as well. They also say I'll have a physical and some b/w. I've already had an HSG with my OB and DH has his SA last month, maybe we'll go over those results? Who knows, but so far I like the office staff a lot...and that is a lot better than my OBs office. Her office staff and nurses drive me nuts, she's the one reason I stay.

    I cried a couple of more times today and threw, it could be from freaking out about it, but we're also moving tomorrow and Friday and my DD is running a 101.7 fever. Yep, living the dream... 

  • My first visit with my RE was just a sit down chat of history, health, etc.  They also took my weight, height, etc. 
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  • You're not alone...I cried walking in the door of the first appt.  Then think I cried on many of subsequent car rides to and from there.  And when I went for my IVF consult I cried the entire time sitting there with my RE and an intern!  Don't even think I was audible in my talking either from the hang in there!  I wish I can say it gets better but at least you have a plan right!
  • I totally understand about the crying, and it's 100% normal.  Hang in there! 

     My first appt with the RE took about an hour and a half, and we basically went over both of our medical/family history and talked about the possible treatment options and what the next steps would be.

    Good luck!  I hope you get some answers!

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