3rd Trimester

Weird FREAKY dream. Use caution if you are influenced.

Ok, advanced warning, this was a freaky dream, adn i know that i get freaked out when i hear weird stuff.  It doesnt end badly, but hot damn is it weird.






ok, so i had this dream that the baby's foot somehow punched a hole in my ute and then through the skin. all of a sudden there was a foot hanging out my stomach and amnio is spurting out.

I stuffed the foot back in (after cooing over it for a sec?) then squeezed the skin together and put a bandaid on it to hold it together. Got to L&D, where they used surgery glue to glue it up and pronounced me good to go. Fine. No more issues with the HOLE IN MY UTE!! someone explained to me that there were thin spots in the ute and that this was fairly commone.


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Re: Weird FREAKY dream. Use caution if you are influenced.

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    dont be to freaked out.


    I dreamed my DH went into labor and gave birth to my sisters 9 year old. lol

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    I needed that........I laughed so loud, but I totally understand, I had a dream my water broke and I was swimming in the amino.Embarrassed
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    1st tri i dreamed i birthed a raw hamburger and i knew it wasn't done but my mom wouldn't help me stuff it back in and i couldn't reach! crazy weird!
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