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Baby @ NYE wedding

We are so excited to attend my cousin's wedding that he and his fiance are hosting on New Years Eve. This will be the first time many extended family members will be meeting my DD so I am just thrilled. But attending any wedding, let alone a NYE wedding, with a baby requires some planning...

First of all DD's bath time is at 8:30 pm, and the wedding starts at 7... so she won't be attending most of the wedding/reception anyway. BUT... if she is still awake when the reception/dinner begins should I bring her in? I was thinking that if the wedding is a sit-down meal then I would rather not bring her in. To me that equates a more formal event and having a baby at the table who may or may not be a messy eater/fussy/etc. doesn't seem appropriate. But if the dinner is a buffet-style then that seems a little more laid back and I would be more comfortable having her at the table with us (by then she'll be in a highchair).

So... what should I do? Should I skip the dinner part with her altogether and just come in when the party starts? Should we sit in no matter what? Should we sit in if its a buffet?

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Re: Baby @ NYE wedding

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    Whether the meal is being served to you or is buffet still have to sit down at the table to eat it.  Typically during dinner time, there is background music and people are talking, so I don't see a baby causing too much of a problem.  Personally, I think that it would be a fine time to have the baby there.  Plus there's always a lot going on at the beginning of the reception anyway - first dances, father-daughter dance, it might be a little while before dinner is served anyway.

    When in doubt, you should run it by your cousin to see what they think.  If the cousin is ok with baby being there during reception, and the baby is still all means bring the baby in!  Your family will love the chance to see your daughter.  And then you can just head out later when you need to start the bedtime routine.

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    Personally I would not take DD to a wedding reception that starts that late. Maybe if it started at 5 then I would. Take the oppurtunity to enjoy a night out without the baby. Or if the reception is in a hotel, could you have a babysitter in a reserved room so you could go back and forth to check on her?

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    My sister is getting married in 3 weeks and we are not bringing her to either the ceremony or reception.  She will attend the rehearsal dinner and the brunch the day after and even though she is a very good baby I don't want to take a chance that she will be upset with a family member since DH and I are both in the wedding.  I think if you have a sitter that you should just have them watch her during the wedding.  I think you both will have a better time.
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    as fun as it might be, i wouldn't bring her either.. bad things happen if i even bump my daughter's bedtime routine even fifteen minutes back, and you wouldn't want your lo getting upset with all the activity when she's used to it being bedtime.  that said, you should also get some grown up time in!  nye weddings are quite fun, it'd be a great time for you and your h to have some alone time, as long as you are comfortable leaving her!
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