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When will DS get mobile?

My little guy is almost exactly 6 months old. He rolls around and can spin in circles on the floor, but he doesn't even attempt to scoot around or anything like that, and he doesn't seem to want to. I don't have any experience with babies other than him so I don't know when a normal age for that stuff would be. He's a really big guy (27 inches and 20 lbs) and he can sit up by himself and pull up to standing from sitting, and he rolled over when he was 2 weeks old, so I know he's strong. I'm not really worried or anything, just kind of wondering when he's going to start moving more.
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Re: When will DS get mobile?

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    Well, let me just say that your guy is doing better than my LO is. She is almost 6 months too and she has rolled over a dozen times or so but doesn't want to do it on her own. We have had to bait her with toys to get her to do that. She doesn't sit up or pull herself up. But she does scoot around when laying on her back... not on her belly though.

    My best answer is he will when he gets to that point. = )
    I know that itsn't very helpful, but each baby is different. I too don't have any experience with other babies so I don't know if mine is behind or what, but I know she will start rolling and crawling when she is ready to.

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