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emotional mommy.....

Dealing with odd emotions today. I am not, nor have I been a "clingy" mom. I have no problem leaving Lucy with someone I trust, and she frequently spends entire weekends at her Nana's almost 2 hours away. I also haven't had any qualms about her "growing up". Every day that she meets another milestone I'm so proud of her and can't wait until she reaches the next one. Lastly, I have NO desire to have any more children....

So why am I emotional now that I'm sorting through the clothes that no longer fit her? I don't want to keep them..... but I don't want to get rid of them either. 

Ugh. I'm going to snuggle my baby girl now.

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Re: emotional mommy.....

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    I am very emotional when it comes to putting clothes away. I got emotional when I put my maternity clothes away and I hate I mean hate to be pregnant. I would rather just have the baby in my arms and not have to deal with being pregnant. Anyways I have no clue why I get so emotional either. There are other kids in our future so its not like I am putting stuff away for good right now. It is just hard to explain but I am right there with you!
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    I totally feel the same way whenever I have to put away her clothes. Part of me is sad to see such cute outfits put away 'cause I really like them. But, mostly I get emotional b/c it's tangible evidence that she's growing up.
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    For me it was the finality of it. I didn't have to really face that she was never going to be that small again until I had to decide to get rid of her "baby things" to make room for her "big girl things." I know going from 3-6 to 6-9 and up isn't really a big girl but it's a tangible reminder that she will never be that small again.
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    i haven't put any of my daughter's old clothes away, as a good friend as well as my cousin are both expecting baby girls next year... so i have been packing them in bags to send to them to use!  i haven't been sad about it because i guess i am so excited for them to be mommies to precious baby girls, and being happy that i can help them by passing along clothes they need, so i haven't thought about being nostalgic.  maybe i should keep one or two things as a reminder for myself.  i do wonder at their small size tho, my dd is so gigantic now it seems laughable that she ever fit in those tiny things!

    however.  i do cry every time i see that pampers commercial about all babies being miracles.   i have pretty much been doing this since i was about 7 months pregnant.  at first it was cute, then embarrassing, and now its downright absurd haha.  so i definitely can relate to being ridiculously emotional...

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    I'm the exact opposite! 

    I put away the clothes without a single issue but I have not and cannot fathom leaving him overnight with ANYONE... I haven't even left him for any length of time with anyone but DH... My mom watched him a few times while I showered.  So yea, I'm "clingy" but we all have our issues, right???  :) 

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