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I let my in laws keep Hadley one day a week, just b/c they love to spend time with her, I stay home and while I appreciate the time away, I don't ever ask them to do so. So last week she came home with only one insert in her wet bag that was wet, and I was alarmed... I don't change her super often but she had been there for 8 hours. So today, took her and was talking about how I had forgot any covers (we use flip) and that I would run one back down to her, just in case.... and she said "Oh, I bought some disposables and have been using them while she is here, guess I should have asked..."  On one hand I don't think I should care, if she wants to waste the money, that's her choice... but, she is our daughter and we love her wearing cloth, that's why she does so. I would have liked to have been asked.

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  • I would have been irritated too.  Not so much by the disposables, but by them not asking if it was okay.  I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, but I would remind them to run things past me or DH if they want to do something different than we have asked.
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  • My MIL totally did this to me too. To top it off, she washed my cloth diaper in the sink, and put it in a ziplock bag in the wet bag. She also knows that if we do use 'sposies, we use 7th gen. Well, he was in Huggies and he had a burned bum. :-( He's never had a rash before she put him in the huggies without asking me.
  • It would have bothered me, particularly because some people make the choice to cloth diaper because of an allergy or worry about chemicals.  She should have asked.
  • My MIL did the same thing with my DD#2 when I used prefolds and covers soI let her waste her own money.  I've purchased pockets for my DS due in Dec and I?m waiting for her to do the same thing.  The funny part? she used prefold CD?s with rubber pants with all three of her kids.

  • I would have been annoyed too.  My MIL was so interested and excited about CDing throughout my pregnancy that she actually attempted to make her some (we've tried them but they leak unfortunately)  Now all of a sudden she won't stop buying us disposables!  Last time she was here she brought 200 size 1 luvs.  Really?  Everytime she sees her I have her in cloth so I'm not really sure why she thinks we need these...
  • It would have bothered me, particularly because some people make the choice to cloth diaper because of an allergy or worry about chemicals.  She should have asked.

    I totally agree. What if you are using them specifically for health reasons?  

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  • I'd be super duper annoyed by this. One of the reasons we CD is b/c I'm not crazy about the chemicals in sposies. I would definitely have a talk with her if it's a big deal to you!
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  • My mother actually does the same thing. Nobody thought we'd actually go through with CD'ing, so my mom asked my SIL to make diaper cakes for table centerpieces at my shower, out of disposables. It ended up being good, because my DS never fit into our cloth until nearly 6mo. For the bigger sizes, I just sent the sposies to my mother's & MIL's houses when they babysat and used the cloth at home with us. The first time I sent cloth to my mother's house (when we ran out of sposies), she had my dad go buy a pack of Luvs. We found out that Luvs changed their diapers sometime in the past year, because my DS got an awful rash with blisters from using the new Luvs for a day. We finally got the blisters almost healed, and I sent cloth with my mom with strict instructions earlier this week. She bought a pack of Huggies instead, and now my LO has diaper rash again from the Huggies. (We've only used the Huggies Pure & Natural when he was in NB size.) Thankfully, it's not as bad this time. So, IMO, yes she should have asked you before using sposies. 
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