how do i...

put pics in my signature?

 I apologize if this is asked all the time, but I tried searching and can't find anything on how to add pics. I want to upload pics of my twins!


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    Try this:

    --go to "edit avatar/sig" under your My Bump page (link at the top of this page, you may have to reenter your password)

     --go to a photo site like tinypic and upload your photo. Choose "website" size or smaller. Once your pic is uploaded, it will give you the code for message boards. Paste that code in your siggy and your pictures should show up.

    --no need to post a "test" post to see if it worked, just go back to any of your posts and it will update. 

    This month's siggy challenge is holiday hats so if you have pictures of your twins in cute holiday hats, load those!

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    This is how I do it.

    Click on my avatar picture - so the one of you holding your baby.  You have to do this from within a post.

    This takes you to a page with your screen name, picture and shows your post count - above your picture click on "Edit My Avatar & Sig".

    Scroll down and you'll see a section titled My Forums Signature.  Enter whatever you want in this section.  I keep multiple windows open when editing it so that I can see how it looks each time I make a change without having to go back through the first steps.

    Other things I have already on hand when editing - a picture saved online somewhere (I use shutterfly and then have that URL shrunk using and I use the preemie tickers.

    To insert a picture I use this code: 

    [*IMG]https://whatever URL provides[/IMG*]

    Delete the two * and you should be good to go.

    Edit - guess we were posting at the same time!

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    Thanks Ladies! I am going to try this now Smile
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